“The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.”

With the firm guided thoughts “working in serious and being in honest”, Tashakori General Trading Co., Ltd. serves every customer sincerely. We help customers to save cost, grasp market trends and meet the local demands. Providing high quality services, most competitive prices and prompt delivery are the main principles in our business. We want what customer wants and do our best to establish a long term mutually beneficial partnership with our client .

Tashakori General Trading Company with experienced personnel provides high quality business services with competitive prices in a mean short time to the customers. Our services are included but not limited to,

1- Export from China to other countries: Find any product with the best quality and lowest price in Chinese market.

Product information: Complete information about the product such as product’s photo or a product sample (samples can be sent to the customer upon the request), and price will be provided for the customer.

Factory visit: Customers are warmly welcome to travel to China and visit our company in person. A visit from the manufacturing factory can also be organized upon the customer request.

Standards: Manufacturing the products based on the various international/regional standards upon to the customer request.

Export process: After making an agreement with customer, we follow up all the export process steps from manufacturing up to the delivery point at any desired port of the customer in the world.

Documents: All the original documents such as PI, PL, BL, CO and copy of standards will be provided and sent to the customer.

2- Import from other countries to china: Find a customer for your product in China and distribute them in Chinese market.

3- Product inspection: Product inspection for the customers during the manufacturing process, loading and etc.

4- Shipping: Book the container for your products at the best available date and send to any port in the world.

" Dear clients, we are always on your side! "

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